Artist Statement

One of my concerns in life, is trying not to get caught in the very meaning of our reality for there is not an option of absolute truth.

My work relies on contradictions, Spirituality vs Facts, Weight vs Lightness, Reality vs Fiction. Art allows me to connect and respond to matters that touch me; a sentence, a film, a place, a tonality in the sky, a concept, others’ words … I am moved by the fragility of our existence, the enigma of the psyche and dreams; the idea of lightness and suspension.

I love to use different medias because each one has its own virtue. Through painting and photography I can project the feminine psyche and freeze it in time. Film allows me to explore levels of subconscious, actions and reactions when confronted to a reality that surpasses fiction. Finally, with my sculptures I can baffle the senses creating bucolic situations where instead, there are the opposites.

Even though, the quotidian can be a vampire, I have a poetic vision of life and it is with this sight, that I feel alive and believe in Mystery, as life reveals itself in unfathomable ways.

María Cristina Carbonell, Venezuelan, born in Puerto Rico, 1964, is a versatile artist who expresses herself freely through drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and video.

Carbonell studied Drawing at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (1982 to 1984) and at The Art Student League, in New York (1985 to 1987) where she also obtained a BA in Fashion Design from F.I.T – Fashion Institute of Technology-, N.Y.C.

Between 1991 and 1997 Carbonell spends long periods between the Amazon jungle in Venezuela and in Italy where she begins to make short films and sculpts in marble.

Since 1989 Carbonell has exhibited in museums and galleries in Caracas, Barcelona, Sao Paolo, Madrid, México D.F, London, New York, Miami, Taipei, Basel.

She lives and works in Miami since 2010.

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