I am a multimedia artist who explores diverse mediums, ranging from drawing to photography, painting, video, short films, animation, installation, and sculpture. I enjoy the creative freedom of allowing my ideas to materialize in whatever shape best suits them, without preference for one or another medium.

Much like weaving, playing with media gives new texture and depth to preconceived ideas. Threaded into new patterns, familiar concepts regain their power to surprise and amaze, and the essence of the unspoken and the obvious shines through.

My work touches on varied topics; some intimate and others public. I am interested in the fragility of life, our sense of belonging and freedom, our indifference to nature, and our delusional beliefs about history and current events.

Reality is not an absolute truth: it operates through contradictions and dualities. In recent years, my art has been shaped by my quest to find the best ways to approach, through the power of poetry and images, the unethical oscillatory effect of misleading information on our reality. My creative process has a pendular movement nourished by everything that surrounds me. A sentence, a film, a book, a place, a tonality in the sky, a concept, a sound, the news – anything can set my creativity in motion.

I base my work on concerns, observations, and experiences, to reflect on the absurdities of our world and challenge our habituation to them. I have explored nature and created objects that force alternate readings of their very existence. I make art to highlight the beauty and tragedies of daily life.

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