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From 1990 to 1997 I spend several months in Amazonia, in the Venezuelan rainforest, taking videos, photographs and learning from the natives (Yanomami and Yekuana) and their believes.

In my last trip to the rainforest, before going back to the city, at the footsteps of the small plane, Kösirewe, a very important Shaman in the region, approached me and gave me a tobacco wooden box to take back with me. Once on the plane, I opened the box, and to my surprise  there was this beautiful gift: a collection of feathers the Yanomamis males use to adorn their bodies during special occasions.

Since 1997 I have been studying birds’ flight in slow motion. I became in love with their flying patterns  and the mechanics of their wings.

In 2000 I re-open my box of feathers and draw, paint and photograph these feathers discovering the way the lines converge to make a feather and the beautiful distributions of their vivid color.

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Galería LGM, 2024. Bogotá, Colombia

Documentary screening